Saturday, November 29, 2008

my birthday, and madeleine l'engle's------------

i am twenty two today!

madeleine l'engle was also born on november 29th, which is one of my favorite things about the day since she's my favorite author. she was my favorite even before i found out we shared our birthday.... so now i'm convinced that we're soulmates.

in celebration of today, here are some things that i think are rad.

my typewriter
which also represents vintage shops. love them.
the green-tape measuring wall in my apartment. which also represents my roommates. madison and i are the tall ones (5'10"), danika and ro are not-so-tall (5'3" maybe?) this is a completely accurate measuring. crazy, huh! i love these girls!!
me and all my tape in my art studio at school (last year). i like green tape, yellow drywall tape (go to home depot and buy some--- it has the coolest texture!), masking tape, skinny masking tape, all tape! it's my favorite! and!!!!!! this photo also represents my favorite item of clothing: my griffith observatory haley's comet shirt from 1986, the year i was born. i love planetariums. i love this shirt. and art.

so, i've been doing fun shannon-things today, like drinking a lot of coffee and going to yoga and going grocery shopping and hanging out with my family and friends. it's awesome to have my birthday on a holiday weekend! woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a highlight from this morning: coming home from my yoga class to the BEST breakfast ever made by my family. i think they bought out the entire trader joes. >>>>>>>>> scones, berries, coffee, juice, eggs, muffins, more berries, more fruit, amazingness, love, joy, happiness............

ahh! it was the best. and then my mom, sister, grandma and i went shopping at Whole Foods: the disneyland of grocery stores. a perfect day! and it's not even done! and of course, the 30 messages on facebook have been fun, and the phone calls have totally made my day! thank you, so much, for making today lovely, everyone. :)

22! yes!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

my family, part 2

last semester in photography class i did a project about my family. i took pictures of each person, and here are some of the final choices. if you're interested in the first round, click here!

me, taken by heather
by jason
and here we are at disneyland a few days ago---

i hope your thanksgiving was great!
enjoy today :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thankful for the world

i spent the day with my family today, loved every minute of it, and am thankful for life, just as it is right now.

here are some photos that have absolutely nothing to do with thanksgiving or my family, but they're some more from the rolls of film i finally developed from my holga.

this motel is the best phenomenon in la mirada. its so cute.

megan and jason's engagement session from forever ago! isn't that light-leak amazing? it's kind of heart-like. kind of speech-bubble like. kind of magical.
trip to arizona with den!

have a great great night everyone :)

happy happy thanksgiving.
{{{my favorite food items are the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie, and the post-dinner coffee. yours?}}}

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ange is graduating in a month, and wanted some fun graduation photos. When i found out she was a coffee person I knew I'd love her, and when she told me she wanted to take her photos in a vintagey place, i knew i'd love her (Old Town Orange! of course!), and when she told me she had a vision of riding a bike in her cap and gown i knew this was going to be perfect.
FIREY! love it!!
okay, isn't she gorgeous?
Ange's friend Amy (get a blog! so i can link to it!) came along and was the world's best cheerleader/stylist/idea-giver EVER! what a rocker. her energy was awesome.
i think we just laughed for two hours straight on this photoshoot.
fun things happened, like coming across this dog and borrowing it
here's The Vision Photo--- inspired by the film Mona Lisa Smile! I think it's absolutely perfect. THE VISION! THE VISION!

okay, can all graduates please be this cute and excited and tall and lovely?
this shoot was SO FUN!!

ange. you rule.

more holga photos, finally

some of these photos were taken a year ago.

the roll of film rolled around my car for a year, and i finally got it developed yesterday.

oh, film.
oh, neglect.
oh, the things you can do when you have less homework because of thanksgiving break.

here are the results.
it was like Christmas.
i forgot i even took these!
it was so fun to get them back.
remember the days of going to Sav-On back when it was Sav-On and getting film developed? did you know one of my first jobs was working in the 1-hr. photo at Sav-On? Well it was, and here are my holga photos from forever ago-

woah mama is all i have to say about this one.
a magical triangle at a really cute yellow motel
the porch, and apparently a big light leak
during a carwash, one of my favorite detox pastimes
morning in tropicana, which i love

and, more tomorrow!
thank you world, for existing

-------------------------------------- shannon

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ryan at the rainbow

my brother Ryan makes awesome music, and he played at the Rainbow in LA last weekend. the whole family, including grandma and grandpa, trekked up there to see him, and it was a blast.
my sis and i, hearts instead of x's were fun
heather and her buds
my grandma and grandpa! i love them!!
guys, weren't we supposed to be tough in this one?

ry, you played fantastically, even though you felt like you were going to faint the entire time and even though the rainbow is the most awkward place, ever. i'm so proud of you.

ps, jason, jason's roommate, and i went to canters afterward, and saw the fruit stand guy from Flight of the Conchords! that episode is 1 of 3 that i've seen! rad!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

i need your restaurant advice!

i need your help! leave me a comment if you have ideas.

all my favorite restaurants seem to shut down right when i start loving them. ie: Nova Express, T on Fairfax, and the Whisper Lounge (didn't shut down... but changed COMPLETELY!).

I love restaurants that give you a great experience.
• Nova was space-themed
• T on Fairfax made you feel like you were in Europe
• the Whisper Lounge had live piano and great lighting

and all of them had absolutely delicious food!
Nova: gourmet pizza with honey wheat crust
T on Fairfax: organic, amazingly fresh salads and sandwiches
Whisper Lounge: this special raviolli with burnt sage and brown sugar. believe me. life changer!!

I've figured out that looking online for new restaurants doesn't work.
it just brings up boring places that pay to be on the A-lists.

and i dont want A-list places that i can find on
i need hole in the wall places that no one knows about
places that only you know about
places where the owner knows you
places where everything is magical.

the stakes are high.

we can do this.

they need to be in LA/Orange County
specifically: Old Town Orange, Fullerton, Pasadena, West Hollywood.....

leave a comment with your brilliance!
- shannon

Saturday, November 15, 2008


And you thought I was excited photographing fake birds?

This photoshoot melted my heart.


I miraculously got this shot today while doing a family session, and I think I want to frame it.

The bird's name, is Kiekers.
She's a lovebird.

I'll show you her owner and the rest of the family tomorrow, because I'm slowly drifting right now.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Tree Clock!

i started typing:
and then thought that might be a bit heavy-handed.

how about this:
to remember a trip, i prefer finding items that are unique

it was difficult to find something unique in Malawi because all they seemed to make was wooden animals. Wooden hippos, wooden elephants, wooden zebra, wooden giraffes, wooden everything.

My trip didn't include animals at all--- in fact, the one time we went to see baboons at a baboon park, we saw ZERO BABOONS. So, buying a wooden zebra for a few dollars to remember my experience in Malawi didn't seem right. Especially since all it would do is collect dust on my desk because I rarely dust. Even though I have asthma, and probably SHOULD dust, to shield myself from sneezing more than I already do.


For 3 weeks I searched for something unique, something that would speak to me. I wanted something that I totally loved. Not just a set of wooden elephant coasters.

One day, I saw a guy who made clocks. Unfortunately they all had animals dancing around them, or African women with jugs of water on their heads. I saw the stack of clocks and PRAYED THERE WOULD BE ONE WITH A TREE! A BONSAI TREE! PLEASE!

No tree clock.

I initially gave up and walked away, disappointed at the selection and the lack of creativity I was seeing. Especially since I hadn't even seen ONE REAL ANIMAL! AHHHH!!!

I saw one of the vendors hand-carving some...animals... and got the idea to see if he could hand-carve my tree clock.


We looked across the street together at a huge tree with red flowers, I drew a quick sketch on a piece of paper, and he said to come back in a week.

and i did, and i got this.
hand carved by this man's brother, Frank.

praise, the, Lord, for an absolutely un-boring, un-lame souvenir.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

MaeMae Paperie: the best stationary ever

I need to tell you about my favorite stationary business: MaeMae Paperie. Megan Gonzalez custom designs stationary that is absolutely amazing. She is a true artist, an amazing graphic designer, and the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. I shot her wedding last summer, I was in lots of we were in design classes together, and she truly has a heart of gold. If you need beautiful stationary for anything in life: hire Megan!
Here's a few of her pieces:

If you need stationary or announcements or invitations for anything, Megan will do an increible job!

this is her information:
Megan Gonzalez

- shannon