Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ro and iago

we don't like to leave out the pet birds at dinner time, so we like to give them a bowl of soup and let them sit on the table while we eat.
then while we're cleaning up, iago plays on ro's shouldersweeties.
its ro's birthday today!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my dishes.

I am a dish collector*/////////

I love eating on eclectic platters

matching my plate with my mood

getting takeout and eating it with a
real fork on a real plate

drinking with cutely unique glasses

and having a different mug
for every cup of coffee i drink during the week

no special occasions are necessary
to be able to use the,,,, GOOD dishes

these rainbow little guys are some of my favorite.
they're perfect for eating a cookie fresh out of the oven
which we have here at my apartment almost nightly.
hot cookies on a real plate with a real spoon
and usually with caramel and cool whip on top.
here's our whole collection.

on a mission to make eating fun!,

*i am only a dish collector thanks to my mom, who is a gem and gives me amazing thrift-store dishes for my birthday, christmas, everything! and my friends blythe and denise have contributed to the collection. thank you thank you thank you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

just found these photos in my attic of me in 1940,

a huge thank you to the lovely blythe hill for taking them 68 years ago. what a gal, eh?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

lots of cutting and pasting

i scanned everything i could find on my desk,
printed out all the images,
photocopied some of it
cut and cut and cut
& glued

try it!
do it!

i like to get away from photos sometimes, and see what i can make with real scissors and real paper and real glue.

love to all,
enjoy today!

Monday, February 18, 2008

another drawing, this one's of my family

its kind of creepy, because i couldn't do the faces of jason, me, or carson, and then heather's face makes her look 30.

i AM proud though of how it looks like we're actually standing, not floating. and how i got the joints and bone structures down (for me, at least); ie: heather's hips, carson's low shoulders, ryans stance... etc.
i tried!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

CRASHHHHHHHHHHH (a drawing from when i crashed into a car with my bike)

things keep happening to me.
i've finally had enough time to recouperate from this one to be able to post it in peace.

enjoy this little entry from my journal.


{mom and dad, be sure to read the part on the left side so that you don't think i now have ANOTHER car to fix.}

my oh my,

Saturday, February 16, 2008

my family, part 1

One word I like to use to describe my photography is exploratory. I use photos as one of the ways I explore the world... especially the nuances and uniqueness of the people who are in my life.

For my photography class this semester I'm working on a series on my family, because I had a realization that I've never really used my family-members as subjects for any of my art projects. Of course I've taken photos of them at family events or outings, but I've never done a planned portrait session with anyone in my family. Why search high and low for models when you can use the people who are right in front of you (and who all happen to... look like models)?

So, this is the first post of many to come about greg, shelley, ryan, jason, carson and heather leith. it will include self portraits too, since i'm part of the bunch.

Here's my mom, Shelley
she, is, beautiful
and i love this one. this is Ryan,
adorable as always
with a little attitude,and we've decided that jason is
officially the funniest one out of all of us,
and he's also sly
and here's a self portrait.
a hold-the-camera out self portrait
i was alone in my house,

so, there they are.
4 of the 7 of us.
more to come. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

another get together at our teal oasis

this sums up our feelings about our party.
my roommates and i had a Welcome Back Celebration, and these were the invitations >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
we also meshed it with a Valentine's theme, since it was February
Meet the new roommates!!
this is the lovely, Kerry.Rosanna, with her dear pet Iago,
and the myth, the mystery, Lauren Angel.and me, holding a jar of buttons. (the best housewarming gift ever!)
one of my favorite parts about our party was our measuring wall. anyone who comes into our apartment immediately is required to take off their shoes to be measured. a room 207 tradition.
we had cupcakes hidden everywhere so that if you needed a snack, it was available
i think my favorite part about parties is making real invitations (no facebook messages. they go against my values.) and dressing up.
donny! and me!blythe was sick, but was a dear and came anyway-
blythe, me and lindsey doing our surprised face. we've done it at every get-together for the past SEVEN YEARS!

{okay, i didn't take any pictures of our guests this time. i think i got distracted by, our guests, so please excuse the abnormal amount of pictures of only myself, and not of the rest of the world...}

here's another group photo, with our fun wall decor
el and i!

abrupt ending,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

xoxo (what everyone will call their blog posts today.)

i took these at the CalArts valentine's day show,
an art exhibit at a local school. CalArts. redundancy.


to you you you and you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my most embarrassing moment(s) –

this has happened to me three times.

Someone goes to brush a little hair off of my neck and realizes:
OH. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S CONNECTED
then I proceed to turn bright red.
and i mean... bright. red.

i get little black chin hairs. often.

i feel lucky to have good friends like Rosanna who will 1) tell me when i have them, and 2) pluck them for me.

Does anyone else have this problem?

my solution is as follows.
I'm going to start keeping tweezers in three places. my purse, my car and my bathroom. i hate when i'm out and i find one... and then i have to try and yank it out with my fingernails, like i did this afternoon in my car right before class.

it would be highly encouraging if you could share an embarrassing moment with us all via the comments... so we can relax and breathe a sigh of relief that we're not alone.


Monday, February 11, 2008

my athletic sister

my little sister, the youngest of the 5 kids in my family, is the only one of us who plays a sport. the rest of us sit indoors when it's sunny, making music and art. but Heather? she plays water polo.
this past Friday was her last game, so I went to cheer her on
i'm one of the most uncompetitive people alive. team sports dont really get me riled up. when they lost 10-2, i was okay with it, because DANG did they ever try.
...and my sister was still bright and spunky as ever,

i hope today was shining for you,