Wednesday, July 22, 2009

moving day!

it is here.
i have a new blog!
go to

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pretty grid.

who doesn't like grids, is my question.
((((((((((((( the blog is launching tomorrow! ))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((( it has grids! )))))))))))))))

Monday, July 20, 2009

how fun, its the 40th anniversary of landing on the moon

i love that google informed me of this.
thank you, google.

i love space,
i love galaxies,
i love the moon,
and i even have the 'cosmos' screensaver on my mac.


wednesday's the day!

get ready for the change of a lifetime,
get ready for my Mariette Tryout white signature to be a thing of the past, because the new blog is coming on WEDNESDAY!
this wednesday!!!!!

what a great mid-week treat we all have to look forward to.

i have decided that i will be giving away treats in celebration of the launch, treats to make you happy.
so stoked.
i kind of can't handle it.

and i'm going to say goodbye
so i can keep working!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new addition to the fam. (how do you like two entries per day, eh?)

my really nice friend blaire's really nice boyfriend gave this camera to me. he just came over and gave it to me.
i freaked out and said thank you a million times
and of course,
photographed it.

thank you KC----------
can't wait to develop the film!
which might not happen for months.
we'll see.

i like lines.

when things come in lines i get more excited than most people.
oh my gosh.
just looking at that picture gives me butterflies.
holy crap.

blythe ruthi ro and i went to mike & annes the other day for breakfast and this was ruthi's. don't worry, the website describes the restaurant as "real class in south pas"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my piece for my man.

wolfgang tillmans is an artist i really like.
i like his style,
he inspires me,
causes me to think.

his work is described as open-ended and unresolved,
he loves variety and possibility.

i found these photos on his website

so my ceramics teacher Tricia McGuigan gave us an assignment to make an urn for an artist, and i chose him.
i dont know if its morbid to tell you that,
since he's still alive.

i thought that he'd want options though....
so i gave him lots.

there you go wolfgang,
love to you,

the best guestbook entries i've seen

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

tweet tweet! exciting things ahead.

guess what.
i have a new blog coming out.
how long has this been in the works?
two years.
two, years.

i'm hoping it will be done in a week... we're working hard on it!

now for a story.
i found this print by the Mincing Mockingbird at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend, and literally was brought to tears because of what it stirs in me. cardinals are becoming a big deal in my life, i now collect cardinal art, and this piece represents some of what will be coming in the new blog.

go check out the Mincing Mockingbird's etsy store!........ his art will change you. Bird art is becoming cliche, but this is far from that. And his titles are changing me.

excited for the next week. :)
get ready to rock!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


i found it this morning, just sitting by me.
the sweet thing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

anyone else get lots of street sweeping tickets??

i do!!

i finally got it all figured out when I lived in Tropicana... it only took two years, but I think I went a few straight months with no tickets near the end of my time at Biola.

I moved to South Pasadena about 5 weeks ago and was beyond excited to have a REAL GARAGE with my own permanent spot so I didn't have to worry about street sweeping. So imagine my surprise, shock and awe when I drove two streets over, parked, went to a little shop for literally 15 minutes, and came back to a ticket. Lame.

I'm really into returning things, contesting things, getting out of paying things.... and so I of course, chose to write a letter contesting the citation. Good thing I decided to do this the day it was due, and also simultaneously ran out of ink in my printer (another thing i'm good at doing.) I spent literally an hour trying to use my roommates printer.... it didn't work... and so I only had one option left. Type it.

Pray they dismiss that bad boy.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the 4th.

when it comes down to it, i really enjoy quality time with my friends. big parties aren't my first choice, and that's why i loved the 4th this year. Rachel came over to our house and hung out for the whole day, and we had everything from homemade juice to homemade pie. good food and quality time with my friends = my ideal day.

rachel put these pictures on facebook and i just about fainted. it hit me that i rarely get to be the one to sit back and have someone else take pictures of my life.... let alone POST THEM UP. i honestly had a moment where i was in shock.

so, this time i get to be the one to steal the photos from someone else :) our day was so relaxed and fun and i am proud of our food creations we made. enjoy!

first was our juice.
beet carrot apple orange !!!
we had dinner next... a cold summer pasta salad and sangria.
talk to me.
rach carmelized the sausage and onions and OH MY GOSH it changed me.
while rachel made the pasta i busted out one of my favorite things: strawberry pie! pre-packaged crust goes against my morals so yes, MADE that crust. the secret to the pie is a cream cheese and lemon zest lining, which i'd be happy to talk you through if you want to make it one day---
and don't worry, rachel's nails are iridescent purple

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Julienne's::::::::: wowzey

Rosanna and I went to Julienne's in San Marino for breakfast yesterday.... and WOW. amazing service, fantastic food, totally beautiful setting, great prices........ i was in heaven.

just needed to tell you,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pink house: its really pink i promise

there has been some debate about whether my pink house is really pink. its pink, seriously, my last picture of it just sucked.... so i'd like to redeem myself and prove to you that i do, indeed, live in a pink oasis. decorating projects are my new favorite pastime, and i'd like to show you the most recent one: THE STAIRWAY.
lots of people just walk right in, thinking that there will be multiple apartments up there. nope! just us. luckily the loud wooden stairs act as our doorbell. we thought maybe some artwork would help the ups guy, the electrician, the gas guy.... all the guys... know that the glass door is our personal front door. it hasn't really worked yet, but whatever. we now have the raddest entryway. i find myself choosing to walk around to the front door instead of the back door (which is closer to the car) just so i can soak it in.

these are the sections, starting with the top.
l-r: rosanna's mom's self portrait from childhood, my showcard, a painting from lindsey besthorn
a fantastic piece of art by debbie lin, a thrift store find & a photo from a disposable camera
a self portrait from my mom!, and a painting by debbie,
and you probably know what these are.
dont worry brady, those aren't dust spots,
those are are permanently dirty walls.
so upon going out the front door, turn left and see our neighbor's secret garden,
val and carl, we love you.
pink, house

shooters, maybe its salmon.

say hello to the Serratos family!

I am a believer in treats, so for this family session
we started off our day with ice cream.
this is sweet Ani, the most happy little girl
and here is Ricky, doing her signature move,
finishing off the last drops (my kind of girl.)

Fernando and Monica are superparents to the max,
a seriously amazing couple.
(my fave!)

they have a new one on the way-----------------
can't wait to see your family grow you guys!

- shannon

Friday, July 3, 2009


i am quite, quite, quite ecstatic over my new workspace. this has been in the making for more than two years----- it has been in my mind for so long, and to be sitting at it right now typing to you is really surreal. after i moved in to the pink house, i have been piecing it all together bit by bit, and i finally topped it off yesterday.

piece #1, the yellow desk
#2, the shelves with the white bird items
#3 the screen
#4 the computer
#5 the polaroid strings.

i'm so happy to have a space that is me.
me to the max.
so this is where i write my blog from
edit from
everything from.

love to you,