Monday, April 14, 2008

yes, a new post, finally, finally.

this week's blog entries will
a) exist
b) help you understand why i havent had time to post
c) be really exciting

here's a little glimpse into what i've been up to:
• preparing for my trip to Africa this summer
• my first ever engagement session in the air ::::: one of my clients has his pilot's license!
• i was IN a wedding in yakima, washington (what an experience after photographing so many.... ahhh!)
• five senior photo sessions
• new photos of my family
• new art projects

and more fun little things like:
making oatmeal out of real oats
visiting the griffith observatory with my boyfriend
buying a teal typewriter for $5 at the thrift store
and wearing stripes for a week straight.

now, to keep with the theme of SPORATIC,
here's a photo of me in Africa when I was 16.
{i'm so excited to go back this summer! i'll explain more later}

i still think about this little girl to this day,

if you are one of my sweet people who check my blog daily,
i am grateful for you,
and i appreciate you sticking with me for the past, two weeks,
where i've been busier than ever.
i've taken a deep breath and i'm ready to post again.

love and love and love,