Monday, June 29, 2009

jane&alex=wow. ::: LA wedding photography

i dont like to be a tease,
i dont like posting teasers because its MEAN.
i'm going to be nice-mean and post these,
because they move me,
and i had to.
my computer made me.
(((( more to come!))))

this photograph has the most Venus-essence i think i've ever created,

jane and alex,
two beautiful people,
married and in st. lucia.


just about to eat breakfast with rosanna, (coffee, omlettes, fruit, yogurt, YES!) and wanted to give you a little burst for your day-----------------

'it is in the routine and the everyday that we find the possibilities for the greatest transformation.' - kathleen norris, the great

Friday, June 26, 2009

::: Clarivel & Tuan ::: LA wedding photography

this was one of the most unique first-meetings i've seen, purely because clarivel told me, "i want to surprise him." and i asked her if she was serious, and she proceeded to have her maid-of-honor distract tuan, and she LITERALLY snuck up on him!
another fun detail of their wedding was her shoes. clarivel had these pretty white heels, which she put on for about ten minutes and quickly changed into these. she let out a big sigh and said "NOW i feel like myself." its my favorite thing when people choose to do what makes them feel comfortable, themselves, free...... :)
ahh! how amazing does she look?
i love this one of tuan!
their wedding was at a golf course, which gave me lots of fun accessories for the pictures, including LIVE GOLF CARTS
individual pictures of each member of the bridal party!
something i dont usually post, but i think these are rad.

:::::::::::::::::::::: ceremony! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


my favorite!

he asked for a profile picture,
and i was a fan of that idea:
unique thing #20 of their wedding....clarivel sang tuan a Leona Lewis' song Keep Bleeding during the reception----- i cried.

they loved their cake! so much they wanted a picture with it after they cut the cake. yes yes and YES.

what a beautiful day you guys.
--------------------- Shannon

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jen & Jon's Wedding-----------!! ::: LA wedding photography

I really, really like Jen and Jon. I like how they interact as a couple, I like the friends that they chose to stand with them on their wedding day, I like their style, their families, their warmth.

Their wedding was up in Exeter, CA----- at a friends amazing yellow house, which had a perfectly perfect red barn, chickens, and everything else that a country house should have. There was barbequed tri-tip at their reception, which Jon said was the part he was most looking forward to. Oh, men and their meat. ;)

We honestly just had a blast hanging out together. Fun and relaxed, my favorite kind of day.

say yes to this image, oh my gosh! i love it!!
i have a polaroid of this that i want to show you all---- the polaroids from this wedding need their own post!
can i just say that the groomsmen in this wedding were stellar?
this is one of my favorite group photos i've taken.
"the Lord CARES FOR US!" ;)
(love these girls dresses. so summery. and they have pockets.)

total favorite!
and, the ceremony:

another amazing idea by jen: lemons,

beyond sweet,

i've enver really done a shot like this before, and i was so excited about it!! the sun had just set, and i went on the balcony with my 24mm 1.4
and THEN------ a magical moment happened that could have been bad.... the first dance started. i was just up there, hangin out, experimenting... and up walks jon! (obsessed with this shot!)
i embraced it, shot up on the balcony for a while, lots of motion blur, lots of rad blue sky, and then came down and got this one, among many others.

so there we are. :)
the most lovely country wedding,
and to top it off,
they honeymooned in canada.
i love them.