Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm having a sale!

i'm keeping this post at the top. look below for more love

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bedazz////// clothespin and bottle /////////

here's a few more pieces from my 10 experiments in 2 hours project

this one's called terror-stricken
and in this one i cut up all the words from this list of feeling-words (all feelings revolving around fear), strung them together with thread, and put them in this bottle.
when you take the string out of the bottle
its like a clothesline of words
but the words are all things like
agitated, ill-at-ease, fearful, overwhelmed...

so yeah,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lindsey's senior photo love

Lindsey is officially the best dancer I know.
and Linds, I'm not just saying that to make you feel good.
You are so good.
and you have been good since the day I met you.
I don't know anyone else who can look beautiful, fun, and COOL dancing in the middle of the sidewalk of their school.
We did these at Chapman University last weekend, and had such a blast coming up with ways to do non-lame senior photos.
she just DOES THIS!
wow wow wow wow wow wow
even though linds is a pretty spunky girl (did i really just say spunky?), i love this one of her too.
ha, but here we are laughing again.
can't help it!
and, dancing again!
i think this photoshoot embedded into my soul the fact that I cant cant cant dance. i just, can't. i decided i'm going to let linds do all the dancing in life, because she just rules
just so people don't get too jealous, i'm going to put in a few in-the-middle moments that i really like. well, you still might get jealous since she looks stunning in the outtakes too.....
whaddya know, dance dance dance
she changed outfits into this fabulous dress.
she named it her Kelly Kapawski dress,
which made me so happy
hello, model
outfit change #3!she jumped right in, like it was no prob
linds, YOU, my dear are the most.
...yes that sentence is done

i have no idea how she's going to choose which ONE to send out to the grandparents and cousins and everybody...

but hey!
we had such a blast.

love ya, girl!

oh HELLO--- and to go with the theme of reporting on the food situation of the photoshoot, we had Rutabegorz beforehand, complete with berry pie a-la-mode.



Sunday, March 23, 2008

bedazz ////////polaroids//////////

this series kind of happened on a whim, which i love.
i didn't know what to do for this one assignment in my design class, so i decided to raid my bins of collections and treasures {for anyone who isn't me: my junk bins} and just make something. anything.

these are the parameters i created for myself >>
• make ten things
• each must be made in fifteen minutes
• only use found items from the bins
• bedazzle
• incorporate feeling words from those feeling charts "today i feel:"
• listen to the same song over and over
['it's you i like' by, but by donny]

here are three of the 15 minute bedazzlers.
what do you think?
and, do you want more explanation, or do you just like looking?

do you mind taking 15 seconds to answer?
rock it,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sun from Shadow concert at the Vault

in other words:
my rockstar brothers did another concert.

i'm their fan!

and i show my love to them via photographs.

listen to them here! they're incredible. and they're all magically only in high school.

this is one of my highlight photos from the night. i love it love it love it. thank you to the lighting crew for creating beautiful light for me to photograph inrockin, clearly.Logan, rocking
Hayden on the drumsit was landon's first show with the band, and he did great
oooo- one of the highlights for me was when Carson busted out his bow and played his guitar with it. talent!
i think my fave is this gem:
Jason melted my heart by wearing this amazing neon shirteh?
a fun little series right here

look at this rad one! it just came like this. it will probably never be able to happen again without using photoshop. but not tonight folks. tonight its yellow allll on its ownSun from Shadow SURE has a lot of screaming girl fans...
it was the venue's last night, and somehow that meant everyone got to parade the stage during the last songit was riot-like, and very very fun
\my brother! cars, you're the best.
me and my million of brothers afterwardsMaryKate I'm their #1 Fan Reynolds

go listen to at least one of their songs. (here!)
your soul will be enhanced.