Thursday, August 28, 2008

my mom is 50, and beautiful:

My mom's 50th birthday wish,
her big dream,
her hope:
was to get disneyland passes

she wore this button proudly, all day
Jay needed a hat so he didn't get sunburned
my dad thought 15 year olds still liked high school musical 2
we went on the orange swings and loved our lives
my lovely sister, heather!
my dad surprised us all by getting himself a dirt&worms cup that probably cost $7. this was the best news to me, because i never knew that dirt&worms cups were even SOLD here, but its almost inconsequential because i'm lactose intolerant and feel like i'm about to puke if i eat ice cream.
while my dad was magically getting dirt&worms, we were getting FREE TORTILLAS FROM THE TORTILLA FACTORY! except, they were corn instead of flour, so we made masks instead of eating them:
i love this ride, always and forever
this is a purse that my brother jason brought me from India.can you believe she's fifty?
a few shots from the time of day that i just love,
the family, minus Carson, who had to work!
happy birthday mama!!!
- shan

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making up for lost time: Prom 2008

I had bad luck with dances in high school.
ie: I was never asked.

For my senior prom, I finally took matters into my own hands and asked this guy to go with me. He said he didn't have enough money to go, so.... I paid for him, in order to get myself out of the embarrassment of not going to my senior prom.

He showed up in a suit that was too small that he had borrowed from a friend... he said he was sorry but he 'didn't have money for dinner' so could i pay? and then he left me halfway through the night. The corsage he brought me was ugly, I had just had surgery so my face was swollen, and he complained that they didn't play enough RAP.

My Junior year, prom was held at the Discovery Science Center. I've always wished I could have gone... because I hate dancing, but I love dressing up---- and how cool to be able to do science experiments in a GOWN!

There's a good ending to this sob story:
I was finally asked.
Last week.

>>>>>> for newcomers, I'm now going into my 5th year of college

my boyfriend, DONNY! asked me! to prom! at the discovery science center! we both had a day off, so we dressed up, went out to breakfast, went to the science center, and then topped it off with disneyland.

here's some photos of my dream date day:
official prom photo 2008
official donny is SERIOUSLY handsome photo 2008
here we are at the science center,
in the form of red we are in the middle of a tornado,
here we are by the cube, for non southern californians: the science center is this huge amazing colorful CUBE! you can see it from the highway.
here we are in a sea of mirrors
and now, part two:
(my boyfriend is incred.)
we wanted to go on the new Toy Story ride, because it is pure bliss.
our friend Chad works there, and took these, and hung out with us

this.... was my perfect prom experience.
no dancing,
breakfast not dinner,
an incredibly handsome date who wore a vest and glasses that fit,

donny hoover = the most creatively fun boyfriend in existence.

no longer scarred for life,

RC staff photos

My roommate, and dear friend, Rosanna--- is one of the people in charge of the apartment I live in ///////TROPICANA!/////////

Her staff had me do their photos, and let's just say this: these people know how to be in front of the camera.

Sometimes it takes a little while for people to warm up and relax....
but this group met me at nine in the morning and absolutely rocked it.

Krista, the official, boss.
and Ro :)
...who gets two because that's what happens when you're roommates and eat breakfast together every morning. {{{{{{{and the world needs needs NEEDS to experience this photo. i want one on my wall.}}}}}}}}and here they all are!
loving life, in the stairwell of my incredible teal apartment.
wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hope and Tim at the Fullerton Arboretum

Hope and Tim were so much fun to hang out with last weekend. They were carefree and relaxed: not afraid to be themselves. I'd like to begin with the polaroids we took.... i love them!
one of the most unique little places-----
i absolutely love it!