Monday, February 23, 2009

my sister's winter formal

my sister heather went to a dance a few weeks ago, and i got to go to the picture part! i felt like a mom!

first lets talk about her outfit. hair? amazing. makeup? perfectly simple. earrings? adorable. DRESS? so pretty!
before all the chaos, we took photos in our garage. garages are becoming my new favorite photo place. such great light.
she's so pretty! i love this one.
heather's man with the plan: Phillip!
I LOVE HIS SUIT!this was the chosen pose of the day that heather was all over:
her superhero friends,
the fam! --- my mom and i always match, accidentally.
i had my outfit on first.
and the group----

this was like a wedding with a lot less pressure.
and a lot shorter.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clarivel and Tuan at-----DISNEYLAND!

Let's just say, Disneyland was a perfect place for Clarivel and Tuan to have their engagement session. Mag-ic! Oh man!!

number one, i'm obsessed with this polaroid. i sometimes wish i didn't promise clients that i'd give them their polaroids, because i WANT THIS ONE! i love it!!

and here they are in front of small world, still happy and shining----
when i took this one i was freaking out. pretty pretty pretty!

and here's where our day got even better.
i was apparently breaking the rules by standing in the planter to get these next shots. a disney castmember told me to get out, and when she found out we were doing their engagement photos, she proceeded to treat them like ROYALTY! they got the special bride&groom mouse ears, they got their own boat on the storybook ride, and the woman, our new best friend: PAM, rang a bell and made sure all of disneyland knew that CLARIVEL AND TUAN ARE ENGAGED!
"HERE YE, HERE YE. CLARIVEL AND TUANNNN ARE....ENGAGED! .....I SAIDDDD: CLARIVEL AND TUANNNNNNNN ARE ENGAGED!!!" eruptions of cheering, people ooooo-ing and ahh-ing, love all around, magic in the air, our own parade, clarivel crying out of sheer happines.... it was seriously awesome.
here we are on the private boat ride! dream date!
(how cute is she!)!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sam-------senior photos in my favorite place

Samantha is graduating from my alma mater---- trabuco!

we had the best time hanging out in old town orange, getting some fun photos to celebrate her upcoming graduation.

sam's amazing--- she's ASB vice president and is on the GOLF TEAM!

and she's got the best eyes, ever.

congratulations sam :)
only a few more months!
----- shannon

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

shoot--- do i have a lazy eye?

thought #1) i'm realizing lately that i possibly have a lazy eye.

thought #2) my sister went to winter formal this weekend, and looked GORGEOUS! i was so excited for her, especially since i was able to live vicariously through her....... i only went to 2 dances, and they were horrible.

oh, the deep thoughts of my evening :)
---------------------- shan

Saturday, February 7, 2009

anthro art by ruthi auda---------!

My friend Ruthi does the art installations for Anthropologie, and used some of my polaroids for her last project! It's at the one at Fashion Island in Newport.

Here's her blog post about it:

and here are the photos!

shan :)