Sunday, May 24, 2009

so happy!!!! I GRADUATED!

yesterday was seriously one of the most exciting days....
i didnt think it would feel as monumental as it did.
that was a BIG DEAL!!

it was a happy, tiring, exciting time
and now i exist as a college grad
and am moving to my new house in south pasadena with rosanna

so many more things to update you on,
and that will happen
live from the pink house.

just wanted to let the world know,
i'm alive
and done with school

and i got a cactus and a sugar bowl!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tiffany and Allen, everywhere

I always tell my clients that engagement sessions should be like an adventure. They should choose something to do that they love, wear clothes that they LOVE, and that way I can document them in their real element, having real fun, enjoying the world and enjoying each other.

Tiffany and Allen took me up on the adventure part more than anyone I've photographed------- they took us to about 7 different places, all little secrets of LA, which of course won my heart and put this session super high in my books.

We started at this cool alley---- we had it all to ourselves!

next was a cafeteria: Cliftons
yup, thats right

next, fountains

and NEXT!! they brought props! cut-out cardboard props.

union station was next

and there was even more to our day, but i'll keep this post to blog length instead of book length.

tiffany and allen win the most creative award!!
love to you!