Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day 2:::::::::finds {polaroid installation}

"There are lots of things to see, unwrapped gifts and free surprises."

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

here's what you see as you enter my side of the gallery (the other side was an amazing set of abstract paintings by Marisa Rountree!). The quotes that I'm putting at the top of each post were posted on that little white box under the orange today.
i kept two walls the same from day one, but changed the right wall and added in the museum tables,
for these documentation photos I had to take out the museum tables so you could see this whole wall---- the image on the right is an enlargement from a polaroid, which some people thought was construction, which i thought was awesome. and that line on the left is a project i did two years ago, the first polaroids i ever took!
i focused on PROCESS for day two.
all the little behind the scenes bits that eventually made up the body of work.
here is my SX-70 Polaroid, the camera i used for most of the photos. my friend Riley gave it to me, a gift i am still speechless about. wow.

i called him one day to see if i could borrow it, and he casually said, "yeah! you can have it, actually. i never use it."
i'm semi-OCD and can't throw things away like
Polaroid packaging because i think its pretty.
i also really like tape.
and my sketchbook. these drawings are for days one and two!
also in that case, =
and as a nice ending shot,
the door with my fun vinyl lettering on it.

there's my finds for you!

Monday, March 30, 2009

day 1:::::::scatters {polaroid installation}

"Then the quails begin their sweet whistling in the wet bushes. Their noise is absolutely useless, and so is the delight I take in it. There is nothing I would rather hear, not because it is a better noise than other noises, but because it is the voice of the present moment, the present festival."

Rain and the Rhinoceros


the show has happened!
today was a success, it surprised ME in lots of ways, and I'm going to take you blog-readers on a 5-day journey through each installation of the show, and THEN I'm going to do a few behind-the-scenes, special features posts, mostly because i'm in love with documentaries and the special features are my favorite part. i love revealing secrets. so, stay with me for the next week or so---- check back each day, and we'll have some fun. plan?

this was the first installation. an organic grid on the wall with about two hundred polaroids as well as CANVASES of polaroids!
the left wall,
this wall was the first one we did------- it's the back wall of the gallery, and it is my FAVORITE! the differences between each white or grey one are so fascinating. obsessed with this.
the right wall,
brussel sprouts!

enjoy today----------

Monday, March 23, 2009

my art show is today! (sneak peek!)

its today!
today is today!!

i got up early to finish a few details, about to shower and get ready, but just saw this post on Ruthi's blog about our set-up weekend and wanted to show you some sneak-peek shots!

Ruthi helped install, and so did SO MANY PEOPLE!
my mom
my grandma
my grandpa
..... thank you all!

come tonight!
13800 biola ave., la mirada, ca 90639
questions? here's my number. my mom will answer:
949 525 2281

so jazzed!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


which is great because today is errand day for the show.
• paint
• wood
• pick up things from the printer
• pick up other things from the other printer
• send things to another printer
• and more

heres a little insight into the show,
a small sneak peek.

this weekend is set-up time,
and monday.... is party time!
i hope you can come!
monday at 7pm.
when i say i hope you can come, i'm serious----

biola's art gallery:::monday the 23rd at 7pm
13800 biola avenue, la mirada, ca 90639

4 days away!
(i feel like i'm planning a wedding or something.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

ceramics 1, how cute

I am in my 5th year of college, graduating this semester (yes!!) with a degree in fine art, and am in the midst of taking a Ceramics I class.

It's traumatizing.

clay? bats? engobe?

I'm used to indesign, curves and f-stops.

talk about going back to square one.

needing some form of familiarity, i've been photographing
my clay pots as they progress----------------------------------
this is pre-firing/////////////////////////all the foreigntools!

my first child!
so odd, i love it.
this next one is a response to a drawing i did a few years ago, which you can read about here if you'd like. drawing was also a fear-inducer for me.... ahh! doing things with Not the computer! scary, but eventually, fun...!

++ at this very moment,
i have 5 cylinders in the kiln that i threw on the WHEEL.

get ready for those beauties.
very screwed up beauties,
and actually, not completely cylindrical
but hey
its ceramics 1.

------------ go try something new!
((((pizza w/ sprinkles? drawing? etc.))))

Saturday, March 14, 2009

things that have made me !!!!!!!!!!! lately

there's been a few things lately that have
added much-needed delight to the day.
>>>>>> my gardening roommates who have bought all the succulants and flowers that trader joes will sell them,

>>>>>>>>> whole foods and their coconut haystack chocolates in the bulk foods

>>>>> whole foods everything

>>>>>>>>>> buying candy for the show opening (so many gummy bears and pop rocks....you won't know what to do with yourself!)

>>>>>> being simultaneously obsessed with vegetables and candy

>>> the animal collective, just found out about them!

>>>>>>> reminders from the people that love me that everything's going to be okay, that i'm not dying, that the world is not ending, things like this...

>>>> annie dillard, madeleine l'engle, kathleen norris (thank you for existing, ladies)

>>>>>>>>>>> my ceramics 1 class -------- learning new things, is nice, and difficult, and rewarding, and relaxing

>>>>>> the gilmore girls and their wit

>>>>>>>> these arrows.

alright, that was my break,
now i'm off to do show-prep!
lots of scanning and designing today.

are you coming to the show?
this, my friends, is the question of the hour.

you are invited!
march 23rd, 7pm,
13800 biola ave., la mirada, ca, 90639

please come!
love to all,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jane and Alex::::::::::: engagement photos at tropicana

starting with the best of the best is how i like to do things.
therefore, this beauty::::::::::::::
secret: its the middle of a polaroid! its edgeless.jane and alex won my heart when they agreed to do their engagement photos at my apartment.

the familiarity i have with the light and the space created this really unique feel to the photos i think. i've been thinking about these shots for a year it seems. every time i walk into our living room that pink chair just shines! and the lines with our plants and the stick outside.... ahh! i was freaking out for the entire session. it was so fun.

the POOL! you dont know how much i love these ones!
so, sweet,


jane. alex.
i love you guys.
i can't wait for the wedding!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michael & Bethany ::: LA wedding photography

Michael seeing her for the first time that day,
i love this moment!
//////////obsessed with this one//////////
they brought a BIKE for the photos!
at the tip of their shadow = surprise

michael loves.....
and meet the official cutest flower girl EVER:
and her brother will-----
(ahh! SO CUTE!)

fast forward to their exit from the reception----
(((((MORE BIKES! so fun!))))