Sunday, May 27, 2007

intrigue in the powerlines>>polaroids!

many amazings graduated.
i brought my pola (roid) to document
and it was a blast.
i have so much life that has been lived
since i last wrote to you, dear blog
some life must be just lived
not written about
not even photographed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There's a cactus garden in our parkinglot

What a perfect place for a photo session with my wonderful roommate Shanna. I am so lucky to live with this girl-- not only does she put up with my (intentional and INCREDIBLY aristic) mess, but she ROCKS the film world-- has started a female film group on campus, sings so cutely in our room with her headphones on, and shares her really good fruitsnacks with me.

Nate (ha- who is becoming my new personal photographer) shot a few roommate photos of us.
We realized we hardly have any. That had to change.
This is officially the most awkward one, which i thought
would be the most fun for you to look at.
Here's a nice, happy, natural one of us. The two Sh's.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Explorations with Glasses and Scissors etc

My friend Brian (hi Brian!) wanted a hair transformation for graduation. A surprise for his mom. Isn't that the best present a mother could receive? I'm glad that he trusted me, since the only hair I've ever cut is my own. Oh wait! I did cut my sister's hair once. But it wasn't this drastic. I figured out a new outlet for stress in this experience. It is so soothing and fun and relaxing to just snip off little bits of hair for an hour.

He started out like this.
But look how calm I am about it all.
I mean , its just a haircut, right?Nate documented the entire event for us.
He became quite intrigued by the glasses.
Hi Nate! So, how are your tic tac toe skills coming along?
(don't worry there are about 20 more)
[they're blurry because you don't have them on, silly.]
next on the agenga:
the many faces of Brian Walton
with his stunningly amazing haircut

the AHH I didn't want it THIS short.
(he did though. this is just an exploration into the IF'S.)
the Scrunchy Face
the Subtle and Quiet
the I'm Suave Look At Me
the Genuine.

Does anyone else need a haircut?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Toga Party!

Every year my dorm [SIGMA!] walks in togas to a field in the middle of campus to reflect on the year. With so much happening at the end of the semester [finals week is next week!], last night reminded me of the blessings and growth I've experienced this year-- only because of God's grace grace GRACE in my life.So many good friends were there! This is Danika.
She taught me how to suck the honey out of honeysuckle flowers.
Josiah and MikeLee and Clay, rockin the tye-dye. Denise and I!
Can I tell you again? I love this girl.
Thanks Bobo for taking this for us!
You got those shadows perfectly.And to top it all off, our Greek god: Michael.
Sigma! It's been such a fruitful, incredible year.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Crazy Hair (are you sure?)

WOW! You should name this one CRRRRAZY HAIR.
The photographer at church today laughed when he saw this one on his lcd screen. This is NOTHIN', bud. ;) I'll gather up some of my best crazy-hairs when I am bored one day this summer. My mane can get pretty wild.

One of my favorite parts about church today was the photographers stationed around campus taking family photos for mother's day. It only made sense to try out a couple of them :) Might as well! [ha, the photos were my favorite part]

Which Saddleback Church photographer rules more.
My opinion, number two.
We look like real people.
We aren't segregated by gender.
Half of us don't have our eyes closed.
Better composition
(no dead space on the sides).
Better lighting. WAYYY better lighting.

So, that was interesting to see two approaches to the typical FAMILY PHOTO. Emphasis because family photos are such a big deal most of the time. Personally, I like having families run around places like Disneyland and capturing them having a blast together. In real life. Not sitting down, awkwardly and fakely posed. You know?

Now back to my wonderful mom.
I caught this moment as we were walking into church.
This photo totally shows her fun, energetic spirit.
My mom lights up rooms as she enters them :)
This is her reaction to a risque card my dad decided to have her read out loud. Oh-- and it sang to her. I absolutely love in-motion laughing images. Especially this one!

you're lovely
i like your spirit.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Denise Corsaro: glowing as usual

Denise looked so beautiful as she went to the Spring Banquet today. My oh my. I was sad to not get more photos of everyone else as they left, but here's a few of Denise that I caught just as she ran out the door!
Denise and her date Dirk driving off into the night (day).
Note to Dirk: I trust you to treat her like a queen.
A queen.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Organic or die

If you're in LA at an art museum, the only choice for lunch is Trader Joes, because all green LA people eat fresh and raw and organic and local. If you want to be even greener, eat it in a park. If you want to wow your green friends, buy your toothpaste and shampoo at Trader Joes while you're at it. Sometimes they have $1 daffodils too. Sometimes they have free samples of brie on crackers. Sometimes they have fair trade coffee samples. You'll always find those wonderful orange cranberry scones.

Hope, Kevin and I graced Traders last week, and it was quite lovely. Then we brought our freshly acquired picnic to a park and felt very environmentally friendly while simultaneously watching moms push their kids on the swings while wearing skirts and high heels. Talent!

Save the earth, drink water, use spudware.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How exactly do you spell Muckenthaler?

I had a wonderful
family session today.

and Will


We all went to Alyssa's favorite place from her growing up years, the Muckenthaler-- an art and culture center in Fullerton.

I know I say this a lot-- but the SHAPES in this one. Mmm.
Will! Isn't he adorable?
This is my favorite photograph from our day.
Sweet Emily saw this rock and said
it is SO beautiful

and then hugged it for longer than a minute. I melted.
She also LOVED this twig. A girl after my own heart.
Kids can It's so wonderful.Ha! So can adults. :)I love the shadows in these white wall ones.SHE'S SO WHIMSICAL!We had a diva on our hands. A very photogenic diva.A little dog came to visit.
I love this picture of Ryan and Will.
The last of Emily's brief modeling stint.
Ryan and Alyssa--
I had a great time hanging out with you and your kids today!
Your family is beautiful, and thanks for showing me a new art place.
It seems perfect for picnics.

Shannon Leith