Friday, June 29, 2007

let's do real mail, none of this fake stuff anymore.

Proof that real mail is better:DOESN'T THIS POSTCARD MAKE YOU WANT TO ROCK OUT?
man, I love it. Ro! You're so sweet, my Scottish friend.

NATE! In his fun car. Grey with a surprise of red! Perfect.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A little bit more sparrow art (part 4 I believe?)

i found this random ad, scanned it, and made this little number. that yellow swish is the shadow of my friend Katie's hands. ooooooo.
the bird at the bottom is made of wire: my favorite medium. anything made of wire automatically rules! the flags in the background are shadows in an alley from Ellen's senior photos!
to me, Superman is super free.
don't you think?
this is from one of my comics.
Shannon likes Superman comics?
She sure does. A transformation occurred this year.
life lessons
the early bird* catches the worm...
wire rules....
and, i read comics!

* I am a late person. latey latey late. LATE.
it causes unneeded stress and havoc.
ie: i thought a meeting was at 730, not 7
and i thought another meeting was on Thursday, but no. it was today. Wednesday.

just layin it out there.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

my inspiration-eers >> those i think are brill-iante

My favorite photographers are those that love to see, experience and explore life. Some people are camera-attached and obsessed... and from my perception, these people love life and people more than their photos. I love that.

If you'd like to be inspired, if you'd like to see glimpses of life through some brilliant eyes, check out these six wonders. Plan? (note: these are their photos. Not mine.)

My all time favorite, the ultimate brill-iante, is Jesh de Rox. Inspiring is an understatement. His work will make you cry, possibly.
You have absolutely got to explore his website. I am a stargazing leaf.
What are you?

Ben Chrisman sees light like no other man I know. A lot of his photos connect with me. Out of all of these people, I feel like his style is closest to mine. Or, closest to what I'd like to be like.
Cameron Ingalls. His work is exploratory and oh-so centered on the people. I love his website too.

the Image is Found: Just plain cool. They are a constant explosion of ideas and energy, and it just lights up my life!
Clear and fresh. That's Jessica Claire for you. She lives right around the corner from me, and her blog is fun fun fun fun fun! I love her energy and ideas-- her new camera bag, the Shootsac rules (I want the covers called Fling and Bold), and I absolutely love her art site. You GO Jessica. Yes.
Jeff Newsom seems to see quirky and out-of-place moments, which makes me so happy. There is a sense of humor to some of his work, and I love it. He draws attention to details that are often overlooked. A high value for me, and something that takes a sensitive soul. Is it okay that I pin a man as sensitive? Jeff? Are you?

There they are! Those that make my eyes see new things. Which, in my perspective, is the sole job of a photographer. To see and love people, to see and love the world, and to show us what they see.

Rockk on, live well, and remember that these images are not mine. ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm a mom for a day.

I'm looking after the two cutest kids on the planet for a few days:
Jack and Parker!

Jack on his scooter
Parker eating, and looking oh-so-cute.

Megan, their real mom-- blows me away.
How does she do this every minute of her life?

After just swimming at the pool and making them dinner I was exhausted. The kids are in bed now, and I have some brownies in the oven. How fun fun fun.

And tomorrow-- we do it all over! I promised Jack we'd go swimming again, and that we could read books, and laugh, and play, and run, and eat lots of sugar.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Small note regarding my website, slideshows, etc.

Right now my slideshows are not working-- I am currently transferring everything to a new host, which is exciting because that means....


It is about 2 weeks away from its launch, am I am absolutely stoked.

For now though, slideshows don't work.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just go get a glass of water and an apple and forget I ever said anything.

much love,

Here's my room (I didn't exactly clean it up for you)

Yeah, so I didn't clean it (surprise surprise, I'm not tidy), but I trust that you can sift through the semi-mess (this is nothin, actually. its usually an absolute explosion), and see the excitement of my new room!

I'm living at home for the summer in Rancho Santa Margarita. I get the glory of the only downstairs room, which used to be Americana and Cowboy themed, but is now my own little creation.
First thing's first: Organic pillowcases from Target! $9.99!
I'm an organic-lover, its true. Even down to the pillows.When grass and beads are in a jar, magic happens.
the same applies to napkins inside of frames
my bathroom
the counter (so good to see counter, and not
American-flag clutter! we're Canadian for crying out loud!)
A mini creation I made a while back.
Everything is literally mini, which is wonderful.My toothbrush and perfume
my sister put all of the little pieces of color into the frames.
i think she chose the coolest things!here are my favorite books.
highlights include:
Twyla Tharp's Creative Habit
A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeleine L'Engle
Seeing by Douglas Campbell
most all are on art, faith, freedom, beauty, life, love, grace...
the pola sits hangs on its own little dealie. what are those things called... i hate when i forget obvious words.
Okay team-- THIS is the best invention I've come across in a long while. Hoots! a make-your-own canvas owl! I haven't made mine yet, probably because i like the overarching idea and the aesthetic of the unmade owl canvasses more than the idea of having an actual stuffed owl. I get quite excited about independantly owned small businesses, especially ones that sell cute crafts like this. In case you're just joining this blog and haven't heard the news, check out book journals too. they will rock your world, especially if you have a love for blank paper, and old books.

and there I will end!
decorating is therapeutic i think.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

blx in LA, my favorite girl, my favorite city (ahh! does this mean i'm disowning la mirada?)

along with la mirada, LA is my favorite city. they are both favorites.
do you have a lot of favorites?
i sure do.

here's blythe.this is my favorite moment of our day
okay Blythe-- just do whatever you want!
and this perfect situation just came upon me
it was like magic.
i call this one: freedom, all over.
i know, i'm obsessed with it, but, that's the truth. i'm obsessed with it.
(it being, both freedom and the photos with the metal rail)
you don't understand how much i love her eyes, and her curls.
she is so lovely.
i like this place better when paired with essence de blythe,
but, it's still nice on its own, eh?
along with geometry and color,

love, shan.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

fever! #3 {sparrow explorations}

i found this in new york
path of a free leg

the connections between spring, freedom, birds, and grace just perplex and intrigue me to no end. how do all of these things exist so perfectly together?

how is it that birds signal freedom, to be free we must receive grace, spring brings new life, new freedom, new flight... isn't it amazing that even things like eating and typing can either be free or restrained?

i don't always type freely. i don't always make art freely. a lot of the time its wrapped up in a bow so as to protect my wandering trails of thoughts that sometimes don't make sense from onlookers who might think i'm a tad crazy. my process this year has been to realize: what is crazy is if i am living my life for other people's approval...not being free.

oh, and i remembered today while drinking a cup of coffee from Tully's, my favorite place-- Charissa! My middle name! IT MEANS GRACE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm in love with La Mirada

On a little walk with Nate today around La Mirada, I remembered how much I adore this city. The houses are so unique. SO quirky. So wonderful. More than that, the people who were out in their yards said hello! (maybe the fact that I was beaming made them feel obligated?)

All I had was my camera phone {and my mind, and my heart, and my man}. Love it or hate it, just experience what I saw in some form. BECAUSE IT BREATHED LIFE INTO MINE! maybe it will to yours too.

I've had my eye on this one forever...
I walk by it twice a week
(how is this from a camera phone?)
my dream home, the only one where the weeds ran wild and free, and i just so happened to match it. *sigh*
oh, that lonely little palm.
rock garden? pardon me?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ben, Lisa, Peacocks & Ducks {a lovely engagement session}

Ben and Lisa's wedding is coming up in July-- and it was so fun to hang out with them at the Pasadena Arboretum this weekend! Wow-- I had no idea that we'd get to hang out with DUCKS AND PEACOCKS too. How rad!!

It was beyond hilarious to watch the ducks surround them.
Ben grew up in Thailand, and said that this bamboo reminded him of home. Both Ben and Lisa graduated from Azusa Pacific.
This is one of my favorites!

Mmmm. Their own secret hideaway.

My favorite part about the day was watching them joke and play around all day. These two know how to laugh!
Now for my ULTIMATE favorite part. Ben, Lisa, and a Peacock!
It was probably a bad idea to tell them that my brother got bit on the nose by a peacock when he was on a field trip in preschool... They were still into it though. ;)
You guys were so much fun to hang out with!
I hope moving went well!