Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ro is 21

Rosanna, my dear friend, turned 21 today.

A celebration of her through image:

Hey Ro!
happy birthday, love.
thanks for your friendship :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Self-Portrait Drawing

I've put off taking a drawing class until now-- my junior year. I was supposed to take it as a freshman, but was too scared since all I knew was photography. Drawing? AHHHHH! Yeah right!!

Well, it turns out I've been convinced. I'm in my 4th week of figure drawing class, and drawing the human form is developing a new way for me to see...there's just something different about taking 6 hours with a piece of paper and some pencils to come up with an image than the 2 seconds it takes to click the shutter on my camera. Spending that much time looking sure provides an opportunity for a deep, careful study of what's really there.

I'm realizing I look practically dead in this picture. It's 4am.
In case you can't tell, I'm on the left, the drawing is on the right. hah.

Shannon Leith

Thursday, February 22, 2007

>>>>> 007

Music, lights, Italian sodas, and fondue.
...Night at the Sig, 007 style.
A few times each semester we host an event for everyone to come and hang out at. This one included staged chase scenes, cards, awesome live music, and awesome people. Oh, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Brian on the piano
"Yeah Brian, I'll post this one on my blog"Emily and Vanessa never miss an opportunity to dress up!
They win for Most Spirit.
Monique and Lindsay-- thanks for arriving in style!
Same goes to...Nissa and Ann Frances :)At Night at the Sig we have some of our talented students perform live music.
This is Clay, who absolutely rocked last night! Yes! Ha! Brooks (in the background) is the man.?
Stan and his bud who I met last night and now am forgetting his name...
Aww- I love all of these ladies.
Denise, Ashley, Monica, Katie, El, and Brianne:
Will looked CLASSIC last night. It was awesome.
Here's Alex, Jon, Justin, and Brooks-And lastly, my friend Allison and I.

Sigma--much love!

Shannon Leith

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fever! Wake up little sparrow core.

My Integrated Design class provides me lots of opportunity for creativity. Let's take a look at the guidelines for our first project, shall we?

1) Make a poem by pulling phrases out of a hat and putting them together.
Fever! Wake up little sparrow core.
2) Create a list of 150 words or phrases that come to mind when you read the poem.
Breaking Ahhhh! Rhaspy Empty Freedom Spirit Emergency Isolated Lightning Shadows Energy Haze Burst Song Delight Bedframe
3) Take 2 rolls of slide film
I took them all on La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada becomes more intriguing by the day.
4) Manipulate the slides using any technique you want
My partner Evan and I chose to paint, burn, rip, layer, scratch, wrinkle, and sew with wire.
5) Make a 5-10 minute piece of music by putting songs together
Think: Jason Morant's 51st (my favorite song) woven together with little bird noises and then cry.
6) Create a slideshow (as in, a real slide projector) of your 80 best slides, that goes to the music, that relates to the poem.
7) Print out your 20 favorite images and present them professionally (mounted, in a portfolio box, in a book...)
Below are my top 7
8) Breathe

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It rained, so...

Denise took the opportunity to use her new boots!

Denise and Brianne. Loving life.

In an effort to go back to my Canadian roots, I had to jump in it too.

I just love random 5 minute activities, especially when it includes jumping in the rain at midnight-- for the sole purpose of trying out a new pair of awesome boots.

This is one of the top 10 reasons I am a huge fan of Denise.
Takin it to the Max! Every day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rachel's Heart Birthday

Rachel celebrated her 30th birthday in style on Saturday night. Live harp music, strawberries, every kind of heart candy that exists, and 3 kinds of homemade juices with real fruit-- plus 40 of her closest friends. Plus-- it was in the Collegium, the classiest place on campus. Amazing!

One of her friends, Michelle, made these from scratch!
Impressive and delicious.
The party had a heart theme, since her birthday is the day after Valentine's Day

Each person wrote her a wish for the wishing tree.
If you know Rachel, you know that the wish below NEEDS to come true.Abigail, Rach, Jenny, and Amanda

Todd, her brother, came all the way from Arizona for the party!

Linda, one of Rachel's best friends. I really love her hair.

Jamie and I had the same outfit plan: tights + a skirt

Brian decided he wanted a picture with 7 girls

Rachel had every single detail covered.
About 25 of these little bud-vases covered the room:

Little Annie with her dad, Matthew. The story behind the tree: Rachel hangs hearts on it for Valentine's day, and brought them over for decoration. I love it!

Happy Birthday, sweet Rach :)
Your party was such a success!

Shannon Leith

My sister and her amazing wit

Would you like to insert some humor into your day? Read my sister's blog. She's 13, an actress, and a brilliant writer.

She spent the night at my dorm on Friday, and we watched Walk to Remember with the Director's commentary, but fell asleep at 7:30pm, only a half hour into it. Apparently we were both tired!

It was fun having her here--we have 3 brothers (she's the youngest, I'm the oldest), so it was nice to spend time with only her for once! A few people asked what year she was, assuming she was in COLLEGE. Ahhh! It's probably because she is about 5'7", slender, and absolutely beautiful. It was fun having you here, Heath!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another lovely party by Blythe

So, Blythe had a Valentine's party, and we had a great time. It was nice to see friends that I've known for about seven years. Woah-- SEVEN YEARS. Time's a tickin. There was a gift-exchange involved, and I walked away with a gift certificate to Its A Grind. Coffee! Coffee is my love language.

I think Lindsey, Blythe and I have about 200 pictures with our Surprise! face from over the years. It's tradition.
(idea: I think I will make a blog entry that takes you on a tour from high school --> now...through the many many Surprise! poses. It's a plan.)Wow, this must have been a SPECIAL moment...
Can we sell this image to Hallmark perhaps?
I love the blurry flower the most in this shot.

The wonderful hostess that Blythe is, she even gave us goody-bags. First she has the idea to have us over for Valentines Day...then she gives us presents?? What a rock-star friend I have.

Our new thing. The Totem Pole...
I'm realizing I need a haircut, badly. Specifically those bangs-- I don't want to be seen as an angsty emo artist who never smiles and who is constantly doing the head-shake to get the bangs out of their eyes.
In other news, here's a wonderful card from Rosanna.
She makes me melt.
Ann Frances never ceases to bring redemption to holidays through her creative use of alternative materials. For this art project, all she needed was an old wedding card, some tape, and an orange marker. I don't think anyone should ever buy cards. Just find old ones, or make them. Like I said, coffee is my love-language. This is from my parents :)

And more! This one is from sweet Ellen.

Okay, love.
I love my friends so much, and enjoyed the extra burst of excitement that went into today. Why be bitter, people? You get candy and cards for crying out loud!