Monday, April 30, 2007

Quirky little things I saw today

the funniest part is that this has existed in the parking lot for a few days now. i hope the owner reads this and comments. i want to know who this beauty belongs to!
a sign to my friend Nate's art show
the part you can't see is that its hanging on a paper mache warrior in front of the cafe
why hello, random balloon arch on the ground!
it was earth day

thats all for today.
this is what my life is filled with.
well, I'm just going to watch Star Wars VI now.
Oh, I haven't talked about my film class yet, have I?
that's next on the agenda.
e.t., superman, graphic novels, lotr...
yes, this is all becoming part of me.

So I got a new camera phone

Get this.
The camera has options for
white balance
self timer
black and white
green (still trying to figure this one out)
SKETCH (like chucky cheese!)

It has VIDEO.

The video feature came in really handy when I had a monumental experience that I am glad to have archived:
I have never been able to do it before, I think because I don't like to dance, and am rather insecure about my dancing and rhythm abilities. It just wasn't my thing.

Well, I've been freed I guess, because I RULE AT HULA-HOOP NOW!!
I want to post the video, but I don't really know how.
That's step 2.

thanks for letting this be revolutionary for me even though these features have existed for years. i'm aware now that i've been in the dark.

The Sigma County Fair

These awesome mugs have been Rachel's vision for 3 years.
They came into fruition!
All fairs have sunflowersAll fairs have plaid
Caramel apples: a necessityCandy on hay: cuteClay Chaney and his band: incredible
(Thanks again, guys!! You made our fair complete.)
Mmmm. Some mad barbeque skills existed:
and my sweet brother Ryan helped me set up the lighting for our photo booth! He makes great films and great music. Just thought I'd add that.
This is my roommate and suitemate!
Shanna and Hannah.Juli, you glow.Pie eating contest
{thanks Denise and Justin for taking these photos-- I had to leave early for my design class}
And... the limbo!

And relaxing.

Sigma, I like you a lot.

Shannon Leith

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's photo distribution day, didn't you hear?

One of my weaknesses is giving friends the photos that I take when we go out together. TO PICK OUT THE BEST ONES AND EMAIL THEM TO PEOPLE. ITS JUST SO DIFFICULT.

Okay, I realize I have a problem and need to grow in this area.
So, here I am, it's 2:53 in the morning, and.... here are some photos that my dear friends have been patiently waiting for for the past few weeks. Contrary to what it may seem like, I do love you all and I no longer want to keep these images of you hostage.

Event #1: dinner with my incredible floor!
The Max had a night out at Buca di Beppo (this is my 2nd favorite Italian restaurant!).These girls are the best best best.
Event #2: dinner with two lovely friends
I am moving to the raddest apartments next semester, and I am going to live with two of my greatest friends: Ellen and Hollie! We had a future roommate dinner and dessert night last weekend. Ellen is the most wonderful cook I have encountered to date, and she kindly invited Hollie and I to her apartment for a great dinner. Whew-- I'm looking forward to learning from her! We went to Rutabegorz for dessert.They apparently want you to:We didn't even mean to match!
CAN I SAY: DESTINY?It is SUCH a perfect apartment.
lots of personality and flareEvent #3: the Sigma County Fair!
Complete with pie-eating contests, caramel apples, and many wonderful people. I am posting the photo-booth photos tomorrow. There's a ton to go through, and this healing process can only handle so much at once.

to these three groups of people
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your graciousness and patience as I work through my issues. Seriously. Sorry means change! I am turning over a new leaf. I hope.

Shannon Charissa Leith

Friday, April 27, 2007

A civilized evening: Wicked at the Pantages

April 25th 2001 is my ATM card Anniversary-- we celebrate it every year. Seriously. Six years ago this week marks my first time having my very own ATM card, and upon receiving it my bubbly high-schooled self said "MOM! THIS IS SO EXCITING WE SHOULD CELEBRATE IT EVERY YEAR!" Little did I know that my ATM card Anniversary would literally be remembered each April 25th, and that this year it would mean tickets to an incredible musical. My mom rules. :)
My sister, brother, and my brother's girlfriend Lindsey joined us, and we ventured into Hollywood this past Wednesday. Our first stop was Miceli's, my favorite Italian restaurant. Now, I've been to a lot of Italian in my lifetime, and this one is the best because along with the food being delicious and authentic, the waiters double as the entertainment! Ours sat at the piano and sang opera at one point. They sporadically burst out in song. It's such a great environment-- very lively and very...real. Mmmmm.
This reminds me of New York. *sigh*
There was so much great color everywhere! Including Heather's necklace! I just adore the color that sits in LA.
You are SO cool Ryan. ;)Aww. Fam.
Such great ideas were threaded throughout the musical-- it tells an interesting back-story to the Wizard of Oz, focusing on the growing up experiences of the witch and the good fairy. The story explored good and evil, and forced me to challenge my pre-supposed perspectives. To look deeper. To see beyond the obvious. Does the fact that someone has green skin mean she's not beautiful? NO! no no no no no. There was so much wrapped up in the prejudices we have-- mostly due to our own ignorance or fear.

A lot of really intriguing ideas about freedom and fear arose for me. The people of Oz are controlled by fear. The leader himself lacks courage-- he hides behind power with his huge mask and a booming voice but in actuality is frail and timid. There is this one scene where a teacher, who happens to be a goat, loses his ability to talk and eventually loses his intelligence. His freedom is taken from him, and all of the animals in Oz become caged and unable to talk.

There was of course the obvious questions of "was she born wicked or did it happen because of her life experiences"-- but I think the bigger questions are along the lines of what we actually SEE as wicked. What do we think of as good? Are we perceiving the good correctly? Do we misjudge the well as evil? I'm not sure if this will all be helpful if you haven't seen the play... so you'll just have to go see it and then come back and read :)

The cast was interesting because they seemed to be a bit more understated than they could have been. They were modest in their performances, which gave a certain delicacy and quietness to what they were saying. For me, it made things click better than if they had belted every line at the top of their lungs. They weren't forcing things down our throats. Thank you, cast of Wicked. It was beautiful. You were bright lights in my week. Your story taught me more about the world.

And thanks mom for the incredible anniversary! I had a lovely evening.