Monday, January 28, 2008

the Leith family photos

i'm going to start with the first Leith family photo.
all the way from November 1986, with me and my parents:
then came Ryan a year and a half later,
I couldn't find one with just me, Ryan, and Jason (oops! middle-child syndrome strikes again)

here's when Carson arrived:
and then finally came a sister, Heather!
thanks for color-coordinating us Mom. specifically note jason's yellow socks which bring out the yellow in the girls' dresses, and carson's green converse, which i bet she bought specially for the photo.
now, THIS is our last professionally taken photo. on the beach in Washington. the glowing sun rising over the hill. entirely denim. jason whispering sweet jokes into heather's ear. me playing with a stick. carson holding a basket. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
and then fast forward to our totally fun family photoshoot we did in Old Town Orange with Kurt Hilmerson! It was sure weird being on the opposite side of the camera for once, but I had fun!
I now know what it's like to stress over WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE PHOTOSHOOT. ahh! ha, I always tell my clients: "just wear whatever you want! wear what you love. wear something that feels totally YOU." well-- my little philosophy left me confused when it was actually my turn to be photographed. is brown too plain? do i look good in v-neck? will my mom like it? will my friends like it? do i like it? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
i told my mom that no one was allowed to tell each other what they were wearing. the ultimate solution so that we didn't end up with everyone in 100% jean.
if we ever start a band?
if we ever get asked to do a gap commercial:
if we ever get our own reality tv show:
hi! we're just normal people! sitting on a curb
this one's cute!
my brothers, in age order:
ryan jason carson
oh, the girls.
we're much more fun.
okay, we pulled the melodramatic card too.
i need to explain these next two.
my family has teams. the brownies and the blondies. each team shares specific quirks and tendencies and personality traits.

the brownies. my dad, me, and carson.
we pride ourselves in being the more... normal ones.
the blondies are more...weird?
(they were all blonde when they were younger. promise.)
my team rolled our eyes at them the whole time this shenanigans was happening.
kurt wanted us to be a rap group, so here we are:
aww my parents :)
are cute :)
hi mom and dad!
and here's our ending series. taken in the middle of the street while the police told us to GET OFF THE STREET via loudspeaker.
a big big thank you to Kurt for taking these.

and to mom dad ryan jason carson and heather,
thanks for being so much fun.
we kind of overtook old town orange for the afternoon, didn't we?
love you,
love shan.

and hi grandma and grandpa! i'll send you prints!


mkr mouse said...

ooooh, is nice family, checkity, nice pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm dubbing you the Official Leith Family Photojournalist and Historian and Biographer. You have done a masterful job of giving a poignant retrospective, an insightful analysis of current Brownie and Blondie trends, and a thought-provoking vision for our future as a Gap models. This is definitely the go-to website for all things Leith. I adore you.


blythe said...

hhahaha the leith family band. oh my. do it.

i love these! when was this??
you and heather are adorable.
the boys in birth order reminds me of my family i can comiserate.

please start a rap group.

also, can your parents just adopt me already? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, Well, I was going into your blog and I was going into your blog each day this last while and NOTHING - well, this was the BBEESSTT! It was worth waiting for. Needless to say, I'd love some copies of my own!

Love ya, GR MA

rachel kalei. said...

i really like you, period

heath(er) said...

ahhhh i love the leiths, so so much.

i'll get the rap group started up.
possible names:
the Leith 5 (lame)
L To the Power of 5 (LTTPOF)
Canada Gone Berserk
or something equally geeky and un-funny. (it was originally supposed to be funny. but i'm not in a funny mood.)

our individual names:



Hollie Shannon said...

These pictures rock.
I especially love the all denim professional family photo... and the fact that it captures the 90s.

your family is beautiful.

and hilarious.

and seriously... Gap will buy that picture from you.