Tuesday, February 10, 2009

shoot--- do i have a lazy eye?

thought #1) i'm realizing lately that i possibly have a lazy eye.

thought #2) my sister went to winter formal this weekend, and looked GORGEOUS! i was so excited for her, especially since i was able to live vicariously through her....... i only went to 2 dances, and they were horrible.

oh, the deep thoughts of my evening :)
---------------------- shan


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, I just looked at Heather's blog. I was happy to see that your pictures were there, but even more happy to see how great they were! I love your pictures. I love the moods your pictures show and I love it that you do such a great job with something you also love doing!!!
love ya, gr ma

heath(er) said...

good to know that i am contributing to the dance life you never had.

it's an honor.

Dr. Stoptexting said...

Shan... your eye is not lazy, just tired from looking at all those tiny text messaging buttons, stop texting and start talking!

Hollie Shannon said...

I HAVE A LAZY EYE! Well, my sisters and I call it our drug eye... it droops. Its wonderful when we all have it in the same picture (my mom has it too.) Welcome to the club?!?!!?

brady said...

update, please :)