Saturday, February 7, 2009

anthro art by ruthi auda---------!

My friend Ruthi does the art installations for Anthropologie, and used some of my polaroids for her last project! It's at the one at Fashion Island in Newport.

Here's her blog post about it:

and here are the photos!

shan :)


blythe said...

can i snag this idea for a post? :]

Jason Leith said...

Shan! that is pretty rad. Anthropologie status. nice!

kathryn v. photography said...

Wonderful! You're brilliant. :)

Hollie Shannon said...

WOW! this is soooo awesome. you're famous. I think the dress Eli's mom got me for our reception in DC was from Anthropologie... i should wear it and look at your polaroids

Anonymous said...

no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. that is the best!!! i cant even believe it.
because you are the best! i'm going to go look this weekend- i hope its still there!

<3 lindsey.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, i fall in love with anthropologie EVERYTIME i walk in and there is a new decorative/ creative/ vibrant set on display or throughout the store...

you're friend would be a celebrity to me. dead serious.

-leahbeth (:

Anonymous said...

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