Saturday, December 22, 2007

our new kitten. KITTEN.

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting very often.
I'm sick.

I had laryngitis, got better, finished my finals, came home,
then did THREE engagement sessions and a wedding this week.

I was feeling alright, then when I came home from last night's wedding (which will be up within a few days!), my mom was holding a little grey kitten.

My brother Ryan decided to get the family a new kitten.

Just for fun.

But I'm very very allergic, so now I'm sick again,
and I have a fever, a runny nose, sore throat, the whole works.

Even though I'm sick, I HAVE been transformed.
I now love animals.

I used to be an animal-hater, but my heart has been changed.

Meet Brianne > > > > > > > > > > >
Ryan chose the name Brianne because 'all girls named Brianne are hot'.

this is not Ryan being dramatic and emo.
this is how much he loves her.
(our whole family is kind of head over heels)
little Brianne, i am in serious love with you.
sweet sweet sweet little Christmas sister Heather took these! I LOVE THEM!! the movement is so perfect.SWEET THING!
///even though you made me have an allergic explosion///

Shannon Leith is now an official catlover.

i'll blog when I'm not allergically exploding.
Merry Christmas, goodnight


Ellen said...


This post is tooooooo weird>>>>

I came home, to our kitten Ruby and GUESS WHAT??!?

I am having serious allergic reactions, and my recent illness is not getting any better either!!!!

I holed up in my sisters room with the air purifier, my computer, some of my mom's sketchy-homemade cough remedies, with a sign on the door that reads, NO CATS ALLOWED.

We practically have the same life.

Feel better!

Brady said...


Anonymous said...

My dear Shannon - check it out! A cat cannot ever ever ever give a human a fever. That is only caused by a virus in my world! Check it out. Maybe you aren't as allergic to the new family member as you thought! I really hope so!

love ya

Ronnie James said...

i'm allergic too but we have 3 kids (cats) and i wouldn't give them up for anything. just make sure you don't touch yourself anywhere (especially face) before you wash your hands after petting them. If the house is kept vacuumed good the dander shouldn't be much of a problem either, just some hints :) from experience. oh, and allergy pills do work on bad days. :) Hope your feelin' better soon!

mkr mouse said...

I am so sorry you are ill Shannon!
And much sorry you are allergic to the small kitty!

Hope you feel better much soon!

Mary Kate

Shannon said...

el- WEIRD! lets sniffle on the phone together.

grandma- you're right, fevers arent caused by cats, but-- the red eyes and sneezing are, i think.

ronnie- its encouraging to know that someone else is toughing it out for the sake of the sweet kittens :) luckily i dont live here all the time, i'm just here for the holidays. so, i think that occasional allergic reactions are totally worth the cuteness of Brianne. I'll definitely wash my hands all the time though. good call.

and hello Mary Kate :)

Hollie Shannon said...

I'm with Brady on this one... cats=ew!
call us cat-haters but its true.

the sickness thing: I've mostly given my sickness to my mom who has been coughing uncontrollably... i'm feeling great now. sorry El and Shann. If we still lived together maybe I'd make you soup.

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photography said...

Oh gosh, she is beautiful. I love that your brother looks absolutely smitten with her on his shoulder.