Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Funniest (worst) Gift Ever

before I show you my gift, we need to look at how cute Brianne is.
she is no doubt about it the cutest little grey pet ever
I would now like to become a pet photographer.
Now its Bad Gift time.

My mom got us pajamas.

When I opened mine, I burst out laughing and then had TEARS come because of how NOT me these things were. The pants are black with neon stars on them, and the shirt has a tinkerbell on the front. I couldn't hold it in. MOM THESE ARE HIDEOUS!!!!!!!

My mom is cool enough that she also burst into laughter and told me that we'd exchange them asap. The precious part is that she meant well. "But you really like the stars and you like Disney!!" "But mom. I like the REAL stars, and I like DisneyLAND." (by the way! i now have a PASS!!!!)

My sister had a similar experience when opening hers. Light pink with monkeys? Did you forget she's in high school???

Another funny gift was this jacket, which is the exact same fabric as my Shootsac (my camera bag). I hate matching. So, Heather has already inherited the jacket so that I don't embarrass myself. Back to Brianne :)
She was just basking in the sun this afternoon with my mom
I think I took 100 photos of this moment, and about... 20? of the rest of the dayshe was our Christmas joy.
make fun of me. think I'm tacky. gag.
but seriously.
ahh! mm!!

anyone care to share your funny gifts???

Happy Boxing Day Eve
thank you Donny Hoover for reminding me of the real title of today.
- shannon


mkr mouse said...

Beautiful Shannon and Heather and Kittty! And... okay, too many loverly people (and cats!) in one post for a comment!

My worst gift was a cabbage path doll, probably the most scary thing ever. It has an amazing history, that doll. Very funny, very ugly. ;)

Brady said...

haha, your face in the pajama one is amazing!

how did your sister break her finger?

donny said...

the picture of you and heather reminds me of "A Christmas Story," when Ralph gets that pink bunny pajama costume.

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photography said...

Why in the world would anybody think you're tacky for appreciating a special moment that involves your beautiful kitten?

Screw 'em! People who don't like animals can't be trusted.


heatherleith! said...

i just picture mom in mervyn's, picking out our monkey and tinkerbell pajama's from the girls section, and honestly wonder how she could be saying "oh, the girls would really love these."

heatherleith! said...

oh, and i broke my finger playing water polo, brady.

Brady said...

ooh, sports injury, now that is hardcore heatherleith!!!

Brianne Kathleen said...

Your kitty's name is the same as mine! I love cats! So I feel very excited about this..

Shannon said...

ha- brianne-- i said it in my last kitten post, but my brother named her brianne because "all hot girls are named brianne". :).
and its TRUE!!!

Kurt said...

ain't nothing wrong with some good old cat photography. it's time to revive a movement.