Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vancouver, British Columbia, day one.

For American Thanksgiving, my family came to Canada!
We lived in Vancouver, BC until I was 13.
Yes, I used to have an accent.
ooot, abooot, sooorry, mae-gazine and bae-g.

My parents are speaking at a marriage conference in Whistler, so we all came along for the ride to revisit our roots and cheer on our mom and dad :) Also, this way we don't have to spend Thanksgiving... alone.

So, here we are, the entire troop, all five of us,
our first steps out of the plane, in Canada.
jason ryan heather me carson
ryan, too cool to stand under the arrow. sigh.
Before we headed to Whistler we explored our old city: Surrey, B.C.
Here's our old house! I lived here until I was about nine I think.

This is old house number two.
Even though they look kind of the same, they're not.
Okay, now... THIS is STEPHANIE!!
We have known each other since we were FIVE! We have so many memories together. She's like family to me, and it was so, so exciting to see her :) I always thought that SHE looked like the one who should live in California... but hey.
This will make you laugh. Here's we are as 15 year olds. Fun to compare with our polaroid from todaY! We thought we were SO hot holding those flowers. (my hair is completely crimped, and hers is completely curled, which took literally 5 hours.)If only Ryan had focused on US, this would have been a really great memory to add to the 15+ years we've been friends.
look at my lovely mom on the right!
And here's my sister heather, who is wearing my favorite colors of all time, and completely rocks my world.oh my gosh i just remembered this SECOND praying in our Canadian backyard for a sister, after having my THIRD BROTHER in a row. And my prayer was answered with this total rockstar. PRAISE HIM!!!
I'd really like to do a photographic study of people karate-kicking to the camera. To the next engagement session people-- this is how we're starting out, okay??
although we look really serene and calm, we are ACTUALLY really really really freezing, wondering how we ever survived this weather. It LOOKS sunny, but lets be real: its bitterly cold, folks.

Today we also reminisced with a lot of old friends at a little get-together, but I didn't take pictures. So, hello to all of our Boundary Park/South Delta friends!! Apparently some of them read my blog!

Happy American Thanksgiving from Canada :)


Brady said...

yay for cold weather, i mean, canada!

happy thanksgiving :)

Riley Kimball said...

ohhh Whistler. One of my favorite places on earth. Are you going to hit the slopes?

Great pictures. I love going back to old familiar places.

Ronnie James said...

have a wonderful time! although it looks like you already are :)

mkr mouse said...

Hurray for the Leiths!
Canada? *gives much hot hot chocolate to Shannon* *with marshmallows*


melisssssa said...

the leith family i love you all

shannon nice 90's crimped hair in that one picture.
it is appreciated

Theresa said...

Hi there!

First time commenter - your blog popped up on my bloglines feed, and I totally recognized my neighbourhood!

It is a very small world :).

Keep up the great work!

Shannon said...

YES. How exciting to come across a fellow Canadian! Are you from Surrey??? Small side note: I love seeing the REAL way of spelling neighbOUrhood. I've been ruined since 9th grade spelling when my American teacher marked color wrong when i spelled it with a U. sigh.

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photography said...

I love these. I love Canada. I also love the photos of you and Stephanie, especially the photo of you with your long hair! So awesome. So pretty. :)

Theresa said...

I'm sorry about the spelling, Shannon!

I'm a Boundary Parker! You can recognize our homes anywhere, I think.

Shannon said...

hey jennifer!! yeah, that long haired me sure looks different...!! ha, short is so so so so much easier.

theresa-- how did you find my blog?!!! that is so rad that you're from Boundary Park!