Thursday, November 22, 2007

a little party at the Veronese Tea House (a diversion from my Canadian adventures.)

I'm waiting for my dad to be done with a meeting, so I'm going to show you some photos from a birthday dessert I had a few days ago.

Rachel and I started off the day going to the LA flower market. Anyone who lives close enough should go to this place. I guarantee your life will be enhanced. Plus-- you might encounter a smokin hot man at 6am looking for flowers (or women like Rachel, as we see in this photo.)
Rachel and I decided that baby's breath is going to be our new way of doing floral art. So, for this party we used solely baby's breath, and it was really quite stunning! Baby's breath as the main deal. Mmmm mm mmm. (this photo was taken by ellen!)
Also taken by El, this is me opening a BOOT SHAPED PENCIL HOLDER from Blythe! As we can see, I was really really really stoked.
Here's the Biola part of my life who came,
Rachel Annie me Ellen Hollie and Den!
And the friends who I've known since high school! Lindsey and Blythe.
And my family (girls only.) My mom and Heather.
When we got back to Trop we realized we didn't take NEARLY enough photos, so we utilized our kitchen and did a few shots.Hol was the only one who dressed up for the party. She was a business woman...
Complete with a floral briefcase.
(look at her ruby ring! she's getting married in April!)
Hee. El.

ahh! gotta run!


Anonymous said...

so fun!

and. i LOVE the pictures of your mom in the post after this. i totally love that moment in garden state!!!!
you are kind of the most.


Shannon said...

ahh! hi linds!!!! ha-- my mom is the best.

and i like how mysterious your "you are kind of the most' comment is.

youu mystery.