Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Introducing, the Max:

I love them. The floor I live on is called the Max-- it's named after the diner on Saved by the Bell. We even have a signed photograph of the real Max-- the diner's owner on the show.

Last night was our spring floor meeting. Denise and I are the RA's on the floor, so we get to plan events and we're also the go-to's if anything happens (there are lots of floods on our floor-- we've had 2 already this year...). We told them about our upcoming events (like the LA flower market this Saturday!), and got a chance to catch up with each other. Here's some photos!

Emily Rose Lilley and Vanessa

Danika, my inspiration.
This is our (very) long hall-- I found Danika in a huge chair talking on the phone.... in the middle of the hall. Every day is new at the Max :) I absolutely love it. This one was taken today, not at the meeting.

Sabrina, Kendall, Lee Ann, Katie, Madison (nice pose, girl.), and Ciara
Megan, Mallory, and Rachel

Becky, Shanna (my roommate!), Shelley (my suitemate!), and Judie

It's perfect: Albertson's made us soda with our name on it!

We did an art project: they made something to put on their door that would display their uniqueness. Here's Judie's. Obviously, it emulates her very well.

I will be pretty much be posting about every event we do. These girls are quality, and are such a blast to hang out with... It will be fun to record our random adventures on here :)

Take it to the Max.


Maz said...

Shannon, I am so excited about being on The Max again this semester! It's going to be AWESOME!!!
P.S. You are such an amazing photographer!

blythe said...

so, this has nothing to do with your blog, but i was at anthropologie today and browsing through a Ready Made book and got over-inspired. basically, you and i have some projects in the near future, consisting of:
-a trip to home depot
-old cd cases
-a pixelated poster
-a glue gun
-two combs
-a yardstick

i hope you're intrigued.