Monday, April 23, 2007

Friend Tribute!

My friend Blythe is a true gem. I was looking for a photo, and now I forget which one, because I came across this incredibly beautiful photo of Blx. The reason I call her Blx is because when I was typing her name into my cell phone, I accidentally pressed x instead of y.

Sometimes you've got to just run with things, you know?

Seriously: take your mistakes, turn them around, embrace them, and own it. Just like that photograph of the street. I think it was an accident, but hey, it's a pretty cool accident, eh?

Now did I mention I'm Canadian? Born in Mississauga, Ontario, raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, and only a Southern Californian for the past 7 years? Its true!

Now that I've completely hijacked my own tribute post, I would like to turn the attention back to Blythe.

I borrowed this off of her blog:
Can I say: inspiration?


blythe said...

ok shan, this MADE MY DAY. wow. you are incredible, and i sure like you.

i'm hoping the highlight of our friendship comes when we're in our 80s and knit each other shawls. we have a lot to look forward to, it just keeps get better between you and i, lady.

thanks for calling today. i love you.

Brady said...

an update would be nice :)

blythe said...

i'm appalled that brady has nothing to say in response to a whole post about your best friend in the world other than to request an update. pfft. never make HIM a tribute post.

Shannon said...

brady already receded his comment via phone. upon reading it though, it does come off as quite pretentious and rude. which is not Brady at all. World: Brady is not rude. He just likes blogs to be updated. I pointed out that his hasn't been updated either, and that is when he let me off the hook.

But yes. This post is about BLYTHE. Let's celebrate her while she reigns at the top of my blog. I didn't go to sleep last night. I was doing an art project. I need a pillow and a blanket. Got one. Goodnight :)

Brady said...

haha... blythe, you deserve the friend tribute :)

blythe said...

alright, you are absolved.

Brady said...

thank you... I feel better

and THANK YOU for introducing me to Regina Spektor!!!

Shannon sent me the video on your blog a while ago :)