Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Hutchinson's

This is my second family, hands down. I'm invited to go on family vacations with them, I can eat anything I find in the kitchen and I fall asleep on their couch on a regular basis. When I spend the night at their house, they even make me GOOD coffee in the morning!

Adam and Megan. They have so much fun together!

Here's Parker. His eyes!Jack. Almost 4 years old, and SO full of energy. Thus, the chin injury :)

I've known Megan and Adam for about 4 years-- and have had the opportunity to watch her two kids, Jack and Parker, grow up. Tonight, Adam surprised Megan and took her to see the play Annie (I love that he thought of this), so I babysat the boys. Before they left, we got these fun family photos.

By the way, Jack is one of the most brilliant three year olds I have ever met. "Shannon, you know the storm drain outside? Well it has a sign beside it that says No Dumping. That means you can't dump wine, or milk, or ANYTHING down there, okay?" "Oh! Thanks for telling me Jack! (????)" He also asks me how I'm doing, how my day was, and what I think about certain things. I think he has better conversational skills than some adults these days.

Today was such a blast. When looking at the pictures last night Megan kept saying-- LET'S MAKE A 70x90 OF THAT ONE! She's hilarious.

Shannon Leith


Brady said...

I love that Superman costume!!!

I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one when I was his age :)

blythe said...

shan, the pictures look great!

Bumatay said...

Hi Shannon

Nice blog. I love these images - looks like everyone had a really fun time. My fav is the image of Megan and Adam with the sunflare!

Julie Walton Shaver said...

Awesome! Some really nice shots in here! I love the "chin injury" and the one with the kids on the shoulders and you left the tree light in the background. I can totally see that as a big print on their wall!

Jill Higgins said...

What a cute, fun family! The baby is adorable but how cute is SUPERMAN??? Love them! :) ++